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"We walked into Reculver Court and wow what can I say we fell in love with the serenity and peacefulness of the park. The move was great and we got what we wanted for our house. We both love Reculver Court, the residents, the staff, the management are all wonderful. They look after us so well."

Mr & Mrs Shipper

Reculver Court

"Since moving to Reculver Court we have no regrets. The staff are helpful and friendly. We feel very secure and love our new home, the gardens are immaculate and always look lovely. We have full use of a great swimming pool and coffee lounge - we feel very lucky to live here."

Mr & Mrs Jefferson

Reculver Court

"We are finding it a very enjoyable place to live, it is so private and it's an absolute delight to look out and be surrounded by such beautiful and well-maintained gardens. Big thank you for all your time and effort you put into helping us with our move and settling in."

David Pankhurst & Spencer Lee-Frost

"My wife and I had thought of buying a park home for many years, but finding the right park is key. Wickham Court is very well managed, friendly and is situated in the beautiful Meon Valley. We are very happy here."

Joan & Len

Wickham Court

"We wish we would have done it years ago! Living at Wickham Court is like living on a health retreat, so quiet, all the neighbours are lovely as everyone is of the same mind-set. We have been here two years, it's amazing and only going to get better, it's like living in a bubble!"


Wickham Court

"As we are often away for periods of three months at a time it is very reassuring and comforting living on this beautiful gated community park, happy in the knowledge that our lovely neighbours are keeping an eye on our home and garden whilst we are away. At Wickham Court there is a truly wonderful community spirit."


Wickham Court

"We have lived at Wickham Court for over 6 months now. It is a very different way of living for us and have found it to be a very friendly place to live."

Barry & Celia

Wickham Court


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