the Royale LIFE home exchange service

As we grow older, time becomes more precious to us, so to that end Royale Life is pleased to be able to offer their innovative home exchange scheme on your existing property.

100% Market value will be paid for your existing home when you part exchange for a Royale Life bungalow

We guarantee you a fee FREE move - No stamp duty - No agent fees - No solicitors fees


HOME exchange example

Value of your home: £300,000
New bungalow: £225,000

Cash to you: £75,000 No fees to pay


You like many others could be living the Royale Life within weeks - It really is that easy!

Royale Life have had many satisfied customers who have benefitted from this service from all walks of life and professions who have often said things like " it was the easiest and smoothest move we have ever made" or "If I had known how easy it was going to be I would have done it long ago"

If you would like to discuss this option with one of our team of experts today please call 01329 830068




"If we hadn't used Royale Life's home exchange scheme we would not have moved"

Tony & Karen Shipper


Royale Life is proud to work with Park Home Assist - Specialists in park home insurance. Visit for more information.