• 07 October 2021

Living the RoyaleLife

We are proud of the communities we create, and you’ll often see – or hear us mention living the RoyaleLife. But what is it actually like to live the RoyaleLife and what does that mean for those looking to move into a RoyaleLife development? We sent our Marketing Director, Ben Smith, to meet residents Anju, Doreen and Beryl to find out how they found the process of buying, moving and making a home with RoyaleLife.

“As soon as I saw it, it was like a little haven tucked away” said Anju, who moved from the bustle of London and has since embraced the change of pace in her new luxury bungalow near the coast. “It was beautiful, and I thought, this is my space.”

Doreen, by contrast, had always lived in the southeast. Having accepted an offer on her previous home and with a date of completion looming, she was overjoyed when RoyaleLife managed to find her a temporary bungalow to stay in while she waited for the brand new one on her chosen plot to be ready. She told us how helpful the team were when she decided to keep her own furniture instead of opting for a fully furnished bungalow: “They were so good, they moved all the furniture out that came with the property so I could bring my own furniture in and I’ve never looked back, it’s a different life”.

Beryl moved from the furthest afield, Wales, to live closer to her daughter. Having used RoyaleLife’s Home Part Exchange scheme, she was pleased that the stress was taken out of the move, and she had the right to occupy when she bought her new home. Beryl commented “I wasn’t pushed out, no one was in a hurry, and I could take my time. As soon as it was ready – and I was ready, it was no hassle. You could pick your time and move.”

Although they all had different routes to purchasing their RoyaleLife home, all three ladies praised sales manager Sharon Reach for her help and continued support throughout their purchase, move and beyond. Doreen told us: “Any problem, any query you have, Sharon is always there for you.”

All three ladies have since settled in their new homes and are truly enjoying their RoyaleLife: exploring the local shops, meeting up with neighbours and welcoming family for visits. Some, like Doreen’s daughter, never want to leave: “My daughter said to me ‘when you pop your clogs, we’re not going to sell this. I’m going to take ownership and you never know we could live down here one day’.”

“My daughter said the same actually” added Beryl, laughing “they all love it so much.”

To hear more about what Anju, Beryl and Doreen had to say about their homes at RoyaleLife view the full video below.