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Your Questions Answered

RoyaleLife offer a choice of homes at a range of stunning locations throughout the UK. Below we’ll answer questions you may have about purchasing a bungalow with us. If you have any queries which aren’t covered please get in touch and we’ll be happy to answer them.

How do our homes differ from conventional houses?

The only real difference is the method of construction. Our homes are timber framed and mounted on a robust steel frame. There is a tough and durable weatherproof exterior and a textured finish. They are all fully furnished with modern interiors which provide good sized living areas and a separate kitchen with integrated appliances, built-in cupboards and wardrobes. Central heating and double glazing are installed as standard, and so is carpeting throughout.

How are our bungalows actually built?

Our homes are constructed under carefully controlled workshop conditions to BS 3632 standard, meaning they have high levels of insulation and are energy efficient making them comfortable all year round. They are then transported to our developments where they are sited and connected to mains services such as electricity, drainage and mains gas.

What kind of lease do our homes have?

You own your home outright and we offer an in-perpetuity lease on the plot which means that there is no set lease period. The lease is in place for as long as the estate charge is paid.

What does the estate charge cover and will it increase?

The estate charge covers the land on which your home is sited. Our estate charge is capped by RPI (Retail Price Index) it’s reviewed yearly and only increases with inflation.

Will my home hold its value?

In our experience our homes hold their value and reflect the local property market. This is down to the quality of build, ever increasing demand for bungalow homes and the fact that our developments are like no other with ever improving facilities and surroundings.

Are RoyaleLife developments only for those who are retired?

The minimum age to buy on our developments is 45 but the majority of homeowners are in or near retirement age.  

What are the advantages of RoyaleLife living?

Our developments are real communities. Many homeowners enjoy our onsite activities, committees, clubs and other social opportunities which develop as a result of initiatives by residents themselves. There is also the security of knowing that our developments are gated and have 24 hour CCTV in operation.

Am I protected as a homeowner?

The law has developed over the years to provide a legal framework which specifically protects the rights of homeowners on residential developments. The law gives homeowners security of tenure – that is probably its single most important safeguard – and rights to sell their home on the development. There are also important rules about inheritance and controls on the way the estate charge is reviewed.



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