About Us

We at Royale Life are proud of our heritage of having been involved as luxury home operators since our founders opened their first development in Hampshire in 1945.

Our company has grown dramatically over the years, but we still hold our founders' ideals of offering our customers a friendly and efficient service wherever possible, on immaculately maintained developments in some of the finest locations in the Country close to our hearts.

Although now, even fourth generation family work within Royale Life, due to the size and locations of our developments, not all of our team at Royale Life are actually related.

However we still very much operate as a family orientated business, and our aim, as ever, is to strive to redefine and achieve new levels of quality and satisfaction for all our customers past, present or future.

Bob Bull
Royale LIfe

Royale Life is proud to work with Park Home Assist - Specialists in park home insurance. Visit www.parkhomeassist.co.uk for more information.